Ness grading confirmed

The Scottish Government has confirmed the Grade 1 rating of the rivers Ness and Moriston for 2019, with effect from April 1. The gradings, which regulate the retention and killing of Atlantic salmon in Scottish waters, were first announced in October as proposals. Following consultation, Scottish Ministers believe that the gradings proposed remain valid. The only change is for the North Harris SAC which rises from Grade 3 to 1.

Inverness Angling Club welcomed the grading but has agreed that restrictions designed to conserve salmon stocks in the Ness will continue. These specify mandatory catch and release to the end of June. From July 1, the taking of salmon is restricted to a maximum of two cock fish of eight pounds or under for the season, with only one being taken in any given week. These restrictions will also be followed by other Ness fisheries.

Further detail on the outcomes of the consultation, and a table showing the gradings for all 173 rivers and assessment groups for the 2019 season, can be found at the Marine Scotland website


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