Anglers asked to report diseased fish

Reports of diseased salmon are coming in from Norway, Ireland and Scotland. The symptoms, in small numbers of fish so far, are bleeding and/or ulceration on the underside of the fish, from head to tail. The cause of the trauma is unknown at  the moment.

Fisheries Management Scotland (FMS) are liaising closely with Marine Scotland and samples have now been taken by the Fish Health Inspectorate. FMS advise that if anglers land one of these fish, they should follow normal biosecurity protocols and disinfect their fishing tackle, landing net, waders and fishing jacket.

Anglers catching any fish showing the symptoms described should contact Chris Conroy, CEO of the Ness District Salmon Fishery Board, at the earliest opportunity. Says Chris: “In the first instance, please take photos of the affected fish. If it seems that we have a developing problem on the Ness system, then we will issue keep nets allowing the fish to be retained alive. NDSFB will co-ordinate any communication with the fish health inspectorate.” Contacts for Chris are: Mobile 07944 617202. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mystery: A diseased fish caught in Norway


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