Catches increase

As the River Ness rose, the Red Braes Pool was the choice for Donnie Allan’s early morning cast today (Friday, August 9). And it was a successful outing. Fishing a Toby, Donnie landed a fresh grilse of seven pounds which he had intended to release. But the fish was deeply hooked and was dispatched after 10 minutes trying to revive it. Also on the Braes, David Crerar cusght a lively cock fish on a Snaelda fly.

The higher water also brought success for Davey Dyce, Forsaking his usual fly rod, Davey switched to a Devon minnow and landed two fish from his favoured Silver Wells pool. Weights were estimated at seven and 12 pounds.

Good catch: Grilse from the Braes

Tide fresh: David's Braes fish



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