Top team tackles Mac

With the annual close of season BBQ set for this Saturday, a willing work crew got together today to tidy up the location alongside the MacIntyre Hut. But the simple tidy up appears to have grown arms and legs. 

The unstable riverside frontage of the area was bolstered with wire netting and river rubble, hard core was applied to soft areas and the immediate area was strimmed, while bushes and branches over a sizeable area of the left bank were trimmed back.

It was a big job well done by a team including Davey Dyce, Chris Bruce, Davey ‘Sea Trout’, Malcolm Riddell, James Emery, Ian Jennings, Dougie Dyce, Andy Massari and Mike Campbell.

Spadework: Ian Jennings gets stuck in

Looking good: James and Davey inspect the works

Mixers: Good work guys!


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