Club seeks volunteers for coach training

Coaching is one of the crucial keys to securing the future of Inverness Angling Club. If anyone needs to be convinced, just watch the coaching sessions run by the club every Wednesday night in June. There’s delight on the faces of youngsters as, having started from scratch, they build their casting skills to achieve decent lengths - and hit the centre of the target ring. It’s also satisfying for coaches to see more mature anglers sorting out problems with their technique and building skills that will help them cast further and catch more fish.

There are lots of people out there who could benefit from coaching, including novices who would join our club if they felt able to cast with ease. That’s why the club needs more coaches. At present, four trained coaches struggle to meet growing demand for help so the club is appealing for volunteers to attend coach training courses to be arranged locally with the Scottish Anglers National Association (SANA).

One thing is guaranteed. Qualified coaches bring big smiles to the faces of young and not to young anglers as they build their skills - and a lot of satisfaction for themselves, not only in helping build angling skills but ensuring the continuing success and growth of one of the top angling clubs in Scotland.

Volunteers should contact the secrfetary whose details are on membership cards or send a message through the contact facility of this web site.


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