Stoat’s Tail meets Highland Welder

Tutor David Mateer will return to the 2019/20 fly tying series this Wednesday evening when his expertise will help beginner and intermediate tyers tackle variations of the popular Stoat’s Tail. Traditionally, it’s one of the most successful salmon flies - and one which also catches its fair share of sea trout.

Most salmon fly patterns vary from the originals, according to the preferences of the tyer. The standard variations of the Stoat’s Tail are the Silver Stoat and the Thunder Stoat, both of which novices can tie perfectly with a little bit of practise.

In the experienced section of the class, tutor Graham Forbes will be taking his tyers through the intricacies of the Highland Welder, which is similar to a Flamethrower but tied in Green Highlander colours.

The classes, to which all are welcome, are held in the upstairs conference suite of Dow’s Bistro on Balloan Road, Inverness, from 7 to 8.30 pm.


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