Management moves

With the postponement of the AGM, the current committee of Inverness Angling Club will continue to run its affairs until such time as relaxation of Covid-19 rules permits such gatherings.

Meantime, there will be some changes to committee responsibilities and membership. Steve Black has stepped down from his much appreciated role as secretary. Luckily, Graham Forbes, a current member of the committee, has volunteered to act as interim secretary until a full AGM can be called.

Following the retirement of Gordon Smith, who managed the club’s finances so well over the last few years, John Ralph will add the treasurer’s role, on an interim basis, to his work as membership secretary.

The committee has co-opted two club members, Chris Bruce and Kevin Elliott, to fill vacancies. Kevin Elliott will take on responsibility for reporting catches to FishPal, previously carried out by John Ralph.

Alan Scott will continue to maintain the content of the web site, with the assistance of IT advisor Stevie Graham. The news section, and the sections on club and fishing information, are in the course of being updated.


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