Club withdraws from river hut project

Inverness Angling Club (IAC) has withdrawn its bid for the construction of a replacement hut adjacent to the planned ‘My Ness’ art project by the Little Isle Pool of the River Ness

The project, costing an estimated £33,000, has been the subject of two years of negotiations with Highland Council, which had offered assistance of £20,000 from the Town Centre Fund and £10,000 from the Inverness Common Good Fund.

In a letter to City of Inverness area manager David Haas, club president Alex Elliott said: “This topic has been discussed with Highland Council and other parties for over two years. However, the committee of IAC has become increasingly frustrated by what they see as unrealistic building costs and a failure on the part of the planner to understand our needs.”

Mr Elliott explained that from the outset the club merely wanted to extend its existing hut by a metre or so, but this was rejected by planning.

“Then we were asked what the essential elements of our hut must be in relation to the arts project. Put simply, the build had to be vandal proof as previous huts had been burnt down. Construction had to be such that we as a club could undertake cosmetic repairs should it be vandalised, something we have had to do on a regular basis to the existing hut.

“Despite the efforts of all involved in this project, for which we as a club are grateful, we are continually being pointed towards a wooden construction or something clad in wood, neither of which will stand the test of time. Additionally, the price quoted for the construction of such a shed appears excessive. It is with regret, therefore, that IAC no longer wish to progress with this project.”

The club, said Mr Elliott, felt that in these difficult financial times there were far more deserving groups within communities to which the funding could be better distributed.

He added: “We appreciate that this will come as a disappointment to all who have supported this project, but the time has come to draw a line under it and move on. After all, we have a hut which has served us well for many years and will continue to do so for many more years to come."


On the record: Courier photographer Gary Anthony captures Alex at the isle hut


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