Council thanked for banks cut

The grassy area around Inverness Angling Club’s Little Isle hut has been a source of negative comments for some time. While other areas along the banks of the River Ness have been trimmed by Highland Council teams, the long grass and weeds around the hut area remained something of an eyesore.

Members are particularly aware that the many visitors who pause at this area, on walks to the Ness Islands, must wonder why an area of such natural beauty is left so untidy. Under the terms of the lease of the fishings from Inverness Common Good Fund, the club is responsible for maintaining the river banks above the islands - and recently invested thousands of pounds in updating the equipment required. The banks downstream from that point are the responsibility of the council.

But credit is deserved when due, so anglers’ thanks go to the council as the area has now been tidied up. Hopefully, it will remain a credit to the city and a spot where anglers, locals and visitors can enjoy a very special environment.

Tidy: Anglers' gathering place at the Little Isle


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