‘My Ness’ prepares for opening

Construction of the controversial ‘My Ness’ art scheme has finally finished. Today, contractors Simpsons of Beauly were clearing the site and cleaning the wall in preparation for an expected formal opening by The Highland Council.

The project was designed as ‘riverside art’ which would give people a greater connection with the river. Clearly, authorities are concerned that the connection could be taken a bit more literally. A sign has been erected warning people of the potential dangers of the deep and fast water flowing past and underneath the point of the wall which juts over the Little Isle Pool of the River Ness.

Anglers are very much aware of the dangers. The river has risen from low to moderate level following recent rain and made it somewhat difficult to wade past the point of the wall. It will be interesting to see what impact much higher winter levels will have on the wall and its square-ended supports, the pool’s once attractive gravel beach and on the freshly laid banking and grass turf below the anglers’ hut.

Wet wall: It looks slippy!

Take care: A warning for the public


Impressed?: "Underwhelmed" was the comment of one passer by!


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