A reward richly deserved

Those who fish the city waters of the River Ness owe much to a small band of volunteers who willingly take responsibility for managing the affairs of Inverness Angling Club. Along with the assistance of other club members, most are always there when work needs done — clearing banks, trimming trees, coaching the young and not-so-young….and much more.

The weight of that responsibility tends to lie mostly on the shoulders of club office bearers, who are not often recognised for the many hours they invest in keeping the club going. But one of them was rewarded today for his work over the past year.

President Bill Byers presented John Ralph with the Angler of the Year Trophy in recognition of his work as treasurer and membership secretary throughout 2021. Bill paid tribute to John’s commitment to maintaining the club’s finances and the timely distribution of member and visitor permits.

Thanks John: President Bill Byers (left) presents the Angler of the Year Trophy to John Ralph


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