Proposals for AGM

Members attending Thursday’s annual general meeting of Inverness Angling Club are advised to bring a mask and register from 7pm. The meeting, in Raigmore Hospital Recreation Hall, will start at 7.30 pm prompt. The following proposals will be presented for consideration:

1  To amend item 3.6 of the constitution to read: “Honorary members will have full voting powers at AGMs and SGMs but will not be entitled to hold office in the club, other than honorary positions. Junior and associate members will not be entitled to hold office in the club or to vote at meetings.” Proposed by the committee.

2  To amend item 5.1 of the constitution to read: “A committee of 12 will consist of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, membership secretary and committee members elected at AGM”. Proposed by the committee.

3  To add item 5.1.1 to the constitution: “New and retiring officers, and committee members, will be elected or re-elected by the AGM on written nomination forms, available from the secretary, signed by the nominee, proposer and seconder and submitted to the secretary 10 clear days before the meeting. Proposed by J.Emery.


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