Jewels under threat

Another ‘Jewel in the Crown’ of the City of Inverness may be threatened by the inaction of The Highland Council. Many councillors and officials have used the phrase to reassure users and the general public of their commitment to the unique environment of the River Ness and the Ness Islands.

Instead, river banks remain uncut. An unpopular ‘artistic wall’ remains covered in bird droppings. And it is left to Inverness Angling Club to remove large quantities of unsightly rubbish from the lade running alongside the islands adjacent to Island Bank Road — an important nursery for young fish.

Now there are complaints from parents about the state of Whin Park, one of the city’s most popular playgrounds for children. The park is in a state of disrepair. Some playground equipment is not fit for use or has been removed, and the much-loved boats have disappeared from the pond.

The park is also important to anglers, giving access to major salmon pools on the river. The bridge linking the park and the rugby pitches, and leading to the salmon pools above the weir, has been closed as the council has deemed it unsafe.

The Highland Council has indicated that plans are being shaped to bring the park back up to scratch. A spokeswoman said: “The vision is to create a landmark natural play area at this location, making the site more inclusive with a higher play value.” Fine words indeed; let’s hope they lead to early action!


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