Skills rewarded

Two of Inverness Angling Club’s most enthusiastic and skilled young anglers took the week’s catch to 51 salmon and grilse on Saturday (August 11), boosting the season’s catch so far to 84. On his day off from working as a ghillie on the River Spey, Jordon Grant landed two fish - a five pounder from the Black Stream, which was released, and a six-pounder from the Castle Pool, which was retained. Upstream on the General’s Well, Donald MacPherson landed and released a five pound grilse. The Well was also the scene for Donald Cameron’s fly-caught six pound grilse. Older heads continued to use their knowledge of the river to attract fish. Davy Dyce had a fly-caught seven pounder from the Legion Pool, lifting the week’s total to 53.


Bright: A silver grilse for Donald


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