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A pressie for Christmas!

Inverness Angling Club’s permits for the 2019 season will go on sale at Graham’s tackle shop in Castle Street, Inverness, from Thursday (December 13). Permits for associate members will also be available from Thursday on application to the membership secretary, John Ralph, ‘Ailigean’, 98 Fairfield Road, Inverness IV3 5LL. For the appropriate fees, see the Fishing/Permits section of the web site.

Memorable day

Most of the anglers in the 1980 opening day picture on the club water have been identified. Jack Christison says: “I remember that day very well. Six fish were caught on the Ness - four on Dochfour, where it was Robin Macleod’s first day as ghillie; one off Ness Castle; and I got one on the Mill Stream. “


Identified: The anglers (left to right) are Jack Christison, Raymond Black, Paul Kelly, Neil Fraser,Neil McDade, Barry Gunn (a Davie Dyce look-a-like!) and Jock Dyce.The two anglers behind Jock are Elgin anglers fishing on day tickets.

Blast from the past!

All the way from the archives - most likely those of the Press and Journal - is this fascinating pic of Inverness Angling Club members gathering for an opening day cast on January 15, 1980. Sadly, three of these ardent anglers - Raymond, Jock and Ala - are no longer with us but could be casting a line on more heavenly waters. Neil and Davie are two faithful fishers who continue to search for salmon on the Ness and other Highland rivers.

The picture captions reads: Hope springs eternal for these members of Inverness Angling Club as they line up for a picture before the first cast of the season at the River Ness. One angler certainly wasn’t disappointed….Jack Christison (extreme left) caught the first salmon, a 15 1/4-pounder. We can’t identify everyone in the pic. Can members help fill in the blanks? Text Alan at 07785 287995.

Faces from 1980: Left to right - Jack Christison, Raymond ‘Action Man’ Black, Paul Kelly?, Neil ‘Peck’ Fraser, Unknown, Davie Dyce, Evander MacDonald?, Jock Dyce and Ala ‘The Monk’ Mackenzie

Classes develop skills

Fly tying classes run by Inverness Angling Club are proving to be particularly popular this season. Held each Wednesday in the conference suite above Dow’s Bistro on Balloan Road, the classes welcome experienced and novice tyers. Attendance varies from a creditable 14 to 19 enthusiasts, including four juniors. All are developing well under the instruction of Mike Campbell, David Mateer, Alex Elliott, Alan Scott and Jim Stewart, whose grandson James is one of the class members. 

Beginners will tackle the Mateer Monkey and Cascade before breaking for the festive season from December 12. The classes will re-start on January 16 and run to February 27. All are welcome, including non-members of the club, and tools and materials can be provided.


Developing skills: Students work on challenging salmon flies


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