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Reports help maintain status

IAC members and visitors to the Ness fishings are reminded that all catches of salmon and grilse must be reported within 24 hours - see Rule 5.2 in the permits which also gives guidance on how to make these reports. The easiest way is via the club web site. Please give all the details requested, including the pool of the catch, method, species and weight in pounds. A picture of the fish would also be helpful. Go to

Accurate annual returns will help the club to maintain or improve the conservation status of the Ness. Currently, this stands at Category 3 (mandatory catch and release) for the period from January 15 to June 30, to protect spring fish running to the Moriston SAC. Category 2 applies from July 1 to October 15 when anglers may retain one fish in any given week, and a maximum of two per season. All hen fish of any size, all cock fish over eight pounds and all coloured and unseasonable fish must be released.

Catches continue

Today (July 31) saw at least four fish added to yesterday’s tally on the IAC fishings, confirming that the rise in water levels had brought more fish into the river. Davie Dyce had a four pound grilse on fly from his favoured spot at the Silver Wells while the worm produced a similar fish for Donald MacPherson Snr at the Cross Hedges. Two fish were caught on the MacIntyre Pool - a five pounder to the fly of Chris Murchison and a four pounder to Peter Easton, which was released.

Catches grow

The Little Isle Pool of Inverness Angling Club’s Ness fishings delivered again today (Monday, July 30). On a visit from Lossiemouth, associate member Andrew Fraser landed and released a grilse of five pounds on the fly. The encounter was just a little after the 1506 hours high tide of 4.2 metres - a good time to fish. Local member Tony Quinn also enjoyed success, taking a six pound grilse from the same pool on a small conehead Sunray fly. His fish was retained as one of two under eight pounds permitted for the season.

The upper waters of the club beat also did well. James Thomson, an associate member who visits regularly from his home in Tain, caught a five pound grilse on the Weir Pool on one of his own tied flies. Local member Murray Richardson went a wee bit better with a seven pound fish.


Tide fresh: A little beauty for Andrew

Is this the start of our season?

After weeks of baking sunshine, rain arrived over the Ness district on Friday night (July 27) - not a lot, but enough to inject a little energy into the reported hundreds of salmon waiting to run the river. Bill Byers enjoyed a bit of action, pulling three fish at the Little Isle on Saturday morning - but he is still looking for one to stay on. And Chris Bruce netted and released a nice wee grilse of 3.5 lbs in the same pool. With some more rain over the next few days, the river could finally produce the summer catches anglers usually expect.

On the negative side, the rain caused another flood at the Little Isle car park and an overflow of the compound sewer which has caused significant pollution over so many years. The incident - and any further occurrences - are being reported to Scottish Water and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency in a bid to stimulate action to resolve the issue.


A wee beauty: Success for Chris

Ness otter enjoys its meal

The River Ness graces the City of Inverness, offering residents and visitors enjoyable walks along its banks and peaceful times in the famed Ness Islands. But there’s more to enjoy if you keep your eyes open - and only a few steps from the city centre. Here’s one river resident, often thought to be shy and shunning busy places - an otter, busy enjoying a meal on the stones at the base of one of the pillars of the Infirmary Bridge. 


Wildlife: A scene captured by club member Neil Fraser

Rain causes sewage overflow

Anglers at the Little Isle had to call out Scottish Water to a serious pollution incident today (July 20). It was a repeat of many previous incidents in which rain causes a drain adjacent to the Little Isle car park to overflow. Liquid and solid material spread over the car park and through a drain on to the riverside gravel. 

A Scottish Water clean up team responded to the report fairly quickly but were unlikely to be able to clean up all the material. Some liquid sewage entered the River Ness, so the incident was also reported to Sepa and the Ness District Salmon Fishery Board. For similar future incidents the numbers to call are: Scottish Water - 0800 0778 778. Sepa - 03000 99 66 99. The appropriate post code is IV3 5SQ.

Help wanted for Moy fair

Inverness Angling Club is once again seeking volunteers to help run Angler’s Corner at the annual Highland Field Sports Fair being held at Moy on Friday and Saturday, August 3 and 4. If you are available for one day or both, please add your name to either of the lists posted in the club huts at the Little Isle and Mill Stream. Alternatively, give your name to a committee member; their telephone numbers are listed in the membership cards.

Consider others

As more anglers venture out on Inverness Angling Club’s Ness fishings, it’s a good time to remind locals and visitors of some key rules. They have been designed to make pools accessible for all and successfully tested over many years. 

Check paragraphs 4.1 to 4.4 of the rules which govern the order of fishing. Key elements of these are to start at a beat post and move down two yards at every cast, and come out at the next beat post if someone is waiting to fish. Please note that anglers should not start at a beat post if another angler is within 30 yards of the post. And at a time of low water conditions, anglers should also consider those fishing the opposite bank.

All anglers must observe the government conservation regulations which apply to the Ness system. From July 1 to October 15 only one cock salmon weighing eight pounds or less may be retained per angler per week, with a maximum of two being retained per angler per season. Crucially, this applies to the entire Ness system; for example, anglers cannot take two fish from separate beats of the system.

Please fish with consideration for others, enjoy your angling…..and tight lines!


Good example: Plenty of room means comfortable fishing

Practise makes perfect

Good cast: IAC junior member Gordon Stronach on the Friar's Shott, puting into practise

the casting tips he received from club coaches at the recent casting clinics. Pic: Tracy Stronach.

Grilse for Jordon

Spey ghillie Jordon Grant returned to his home waters on the Ness on Saturday evening and landed a lively grilse from the Black Stream. The five pound fish took a size 8 double Cassley Shrimp.

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