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BBQ approaches

IAC’s enjoyable end-of-season barbecue will be held at the MacIntyre Pool hut this coming Saturday (October 6), starting at 1230 hours. While there will be no direct charge for this event, we do ask that you buy a few raffle tickets, donate a prize or both. Raffle income supports the costs of delivering free teas and coffees at the club huts throughout the season.

Returns required

Members of Inverness Angling Club, and visitors to the club water, are reminded that annual catch returns - including nil returns - should be submitted by October 23. Such returns are mandatory and must be made, on membership cards or visitor permits, in addition to catch returns submitted during the season.

Catch up

If you’ve noticed that there’s been no news on the web site for the past couple of weeks, it’s because your scribe has been taking a break in the sun - as if we haven’t had enough of that in the Highlands this year! But here’s a catch up, with the help of our esteemed president Graham MacKenzie…..

In week commencing September 17, the club had its first blank days since July. Two fish were landed on the Monday, one of the Tuesday but none were reported for the rest of the week. That’s the week the water was very high and not many anglers were about. 

Week commencing September 24 was better. Ten fish were reported, the biggest being Derek Proctor’s 17.5lb coloured specimen landed from the Weir Pool on a black and orange minnow and safely released. All the other catches were between three and 10 pounds with a 50/50 split between fresh and coloured. While high water and wind continues to affect results, last week concluded in fine fashion on Saturday with Murray Richardson releasing three fly-caught fish of five, six and 10 pounds from the Red Braes.

Two at six pounds

Catch reports from the Ness club fishings today (September 14) included a six pound hen fish landed and released by Neil Fraser. The fish was hooked in the Red Braes, always a good place to be when the water is up and at the back end of the season. Donald Cameron increased his tally with a fly-caught grilse of six pounds landed and released at the Little Isle.

Second for Walter

Even with good levels, the club water of the Ness produced just one fish today (September 13). But it certainly brightened up a chilly day for long-term Hull-based member Walter Ridley. The four pound grilse, taken on the fly, was a second fish of the season for the cheerful chappie. Hopefully, he will continue his regular visits to catch many more.

Fish 200 goes to Davie

Well, it happened - the 200th fish of the season was caught and released today (September 12). It was taken on the Silver Wells, one of the top producing pools of the year, by one of the top two fish catchers of the year. The fish, a five pound grilse, fell to a Toby wielded by Davie Dyce who, along with Chris Bruce, is on some 30 fish for the season. Weather conditions, with strong, blustery winds and rain showers, discouraged many anglers from venturing forth. But at least water levels have risen and may put fish on the take once newcomers have settled into the river.

Who will get fish 200?

September 12 will be a potentially exciting day on Inverness Angling Club’s Ness fishings. It will be the day on which fish number 200 of the season so far should be caught. What will it be? - another of the big grilse runs of this season or one of the bigger two sea winter fish which should be more prevalent in the river at this time of year. And who will catch it? - one of the top two ‘catchers’, Chris Bruce and Davie Dyce, who have landed some 30 fish each this season. Or will it be one of the visitors who, increasingly, are getting to know the attractions of the Ness? Watch this space!

Loyal visitor

Nic Smith of Leeds is another UK angler who makes regular pilgrimages to the club waters of the River Ness. Following his most recent visit, Nic wrote: “I would like to thank all the members again who were so accommodating and courteous to a out of town angler. I travel from Leeds as much as i can to fish Scotland, but always seems to treat the Ness as my home water. 

“I have fished the Ness for 37 years on and off and always love the place as it is where it all started. You have a great club, fantastic water and a great set of members.”

Nic concluded by offering a few items for the annual BBQ raffle which is used to help fund the running costs of the club huts. Many thanks Nic. We look forward to welcoming you back next year.

Toby does it

Fresh water did arrive on the River Ness today (September 11) following heavy rain throughout the district. While it produced fish there were not so many as might have been expected. Three were caught on the club water with Davie Dyce landing fish of five and 12 pounds on a Toby from the Red Braes. Down on the Little Isle a blue and silver Toby fished by Eric MacLeay accounted for another 12 pounder. All fish were released. 

Freshet imminent?

Heavy rain forecast for the upper areas of the Ness system could increase water levels in the River Ness over the next few days. Fish continue to show in the pools but are reluctant to take, so fresh conditions may stimulate them into taking mood. Despite current stale water conditions, one fish was landed and released today (September 10) - a six pound grilse to the (unbroken) rod of Chris Bruce from the tail of the Little Isle.

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