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International visitors

Inverness Angling Club welcomes visitors from many parts of the world. And this year many of these visitors have converted weekly or daily permits to associate membership, which provides season-long fishing and encourages more frequent visits.

One such member is Paulo Carvalho from Portugal, who took out associate membership while on holiday in the Highlands. And the club and River Ness gave him a warm welcome. Paulo caught a grilse of four pounds from the bottom of the Little Isle Pool yesterday (Friday). The fish was netted by local member Davey Dyce and released. Meanwhile, another overseas visitor on a day ticket, Mathias Viethen, also landed a salmon.

Stalwart scores

Club stalwart Murray Richardson had a four pound grilse from the Red Braes today (August 16) while James Buchanan landed a nine pounder from the Silver Wells on a Toby. Both fish were released. The Silver Wells was also a good spot the previous evening for committed sea trout angler John Benson, landing a bonnie fish of just under two pounds.

Another for Donnie

IAC member Donnie Cameron continued his run of catches today (August 15) with a fly-caught six pound grilse from the MacIntyre, duly released.

Success for two

Two grilse were reported from the IAC fishings of the River Ness today (August 14). Andy Massari had a seven pound cock fish while spinning the Braes Pool. Down on the Little Isle, George Mackenzie landed and released a six pound cock fish caught on a red brass tube fly.

He’s done it again!

The trek upstream from the Mill buildings to the Weir Pool is not the easiest approach to a pool, even for the club’s younger, fitter members. But it doesn’t discourage veteran fisher, octogenarian Melvin Smith. Mel was there again this morning (August 13) to hook, land and release his second fish from the pool this season - a magnificent cock salmon of nine pounds.

The General’s Well Pool is often ignored by anglers but is always worth a cast. That’s where Michael Grant wet a line today and was rewarded with a four pound grilse, duly released. It was attracted by a 1/2 inch Red Francis copper tube.

Two fish from high water

An early morning visit to one of his favourite spots on the River Ness today (August 12) brought success for Neil Fraser. Fishing the east bank at the tail of the islands he landed and released a grilse of four pounds. Up on the MacIntyre Pool, a Toby took a five pound fish for James Buchanan.

While higher water has encouraged many club members and visitors to get out for a cast, catch activity is well below seasonal expectations. Hopefully, catches will rise as the water level drops back a little and all pools can be fished comfortably.

Ness activity continues

Hopes were high for Ness anglers venturing out on the IAC fishings today (Saturday, August 10) after rising water brought a welcome increase in catches the previous day - boosting the average of just one a day to four! And some were lucky.

First off the mark was Ally Henderson with a seven pound fly-caught fish from the east bank of the Braes. Next was Chris Bruce, returning to his catching ways of last season with a four pound fish from the MacIntyre. Derek Proctor paid a successful visit to the Mill Stream, landing a six pound grilse. Down on the Little Isle, Donnie Cameron made it four with a fly-caught grilse of four pounds safely netted by young Gordon Stronach.

Braes boost: A cracker for Ally

Chuffed: Catcher and assistant!

Bank works cancelled

Heavy rainfall and rising river levels have forced Inverness Angling Club to call off their works party scheduled for Sunday (August 11). Acting president Alex Ellott said: “Apart from the discomfort of working in a wet environment of bushes, trees, fern and grass, our prime concern is for the safety of members. The river is likely to continue to rise over the next 24 to 36 hours, creating risks that don’t normally interfere with bank works.”

Catches increase

As the River Ness rose, the Red Braes Pool was the choice for Donnie Allan’s early morning cast today (Friday, August 9). And it was a successful outing. Fishing a Toby, Donnie landed a fresh grilse of seven pounds which he had intended to release. But the fish was deeply hooked and was dispatched after 10 minutes trying to revive it. Also on the Braes, David Crerar cusght a lively cock fish on a Snaelda fly.

The higher water also brought success for Davey Dyce, Forsaking his usual fly rod, Davey switched to a Devon minnow and landed two fish from his favoured Silver Wells pool. Weights were estimated at seven and 12 pounds.

Good catch: Grilse from the Braes

Tide fresh: David's Braes fish


Mucky waters

The River Ness rarely colours as the massive waters of Loch Ness usually filters out any muck. But today (August 7) was an exception. Heavy overnight rain and overflowing burns turned the river an almost impenetrable brown, discouraging anglers. Some hardy souls, including visitors who were not going to let conditions stop them having a cast, kept plugging away during the day. Local member John Sutherland was among them, fishing the clearer west bank of the Mill Stream, and was rewarded with a five pound grilse.

Classic: A Ness grilse for John

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