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Catch detail required

Under the rules of Inverness Angling Club, all anglers fishing the club waters must make a return of catches within 24 hours. This can be done simply though the club’s online form or by text to the number given in permits.

Changes to the layout of the Catch Report on the club’s web site have helped those members who were reporting some difficulty in completing the form. Here's a reminder of the information required, including some optional detail which helps to fill out the web site news reports.

Full name (mandatory)
Email (optional but this, or phone number, would help if we need to contact you
Home town (mandatory)
Permit type (mandatory)
Permit Number (mandatory)
Date of catch (mandatory)
Catch details (mandatory - Number of fish caught and individual weights in pounds)
Catch details (optional - time of catch, species, location and method)
Upload picture - optional but welcome, take pic in landscape format
Check box (mandatory)

Earlier reporting helps the web site editor to keep members up to date with reports on daily catches. And pictures are always welcome, taken in landscape format. We try to use as many as possible but can’t guarantee to use all.

Malcolm’s day to remember

Today was a good one for Inverness Angling Club member Malcolm Riddell. Fishing the west side of the Mill Stream, he hooked and landed a sea-liced grilse of over four pounds on a yellow Ally fly. “It is my first fish on the fly for many years,” said Malcolm. “Thanks to all in the club who helped me to get this far.” 

It was also a good day for Graham Ross who caught his first fish of the season on the Weir Pool - a six pound fish on the fly. The Weir produced yet another fly-caught fish for Kevin Elliott, a grilse of over five pounds. Donald Macpherson Snr stuck to his favouite pool at the Cross Hedges and was rewarded with a five pound grilse.

Ally Henderson had a five pound grilse from the MacIntyre Pool on a size 12 Cascade. Gary Goddard ended an 18-month drought with a fresh eight pounder from the west bank of the Mill Stream. The successful fly was a size 10 Castle shrimp. Gary added special thanks to Neil Porter who arrived just in time with a net. At the tail of the Mill Stream, James Buchanan was at it again with a four pound grilse cagkht on a Toby and released.

On a roll: Another for Kevin

Season's first: A grilse for Graham

Delighted: Gary ends drought

Big fish for Mel

Plenty of fish have been seen on the River Ness these last two days and catches are beginning to rise as a result. After a busy day on Friday, Saturday saw some good results. 

Melvin Smith topped his personal performance for the season so far with a 14 pound salmon from the tail of the Weir Pool. Ally Henderson and son Finn made it a family affair with a fish each from the west side of the Mill Stream - a seven pounder for Ally and a five pounder for Finn. Lee Mackenzie kicked off his season with two fish -  a grilse of four pounds and an eight pound hen salmon.

Godon Macaloney of Glasgow had a successful visit with a four pound grilse on a black and orange Devon minnow from the MacIntyre Pool..

Big fish: Catch of the day for Mel

Released: Ally's fish from the Mill Stream

Mac livens up

The MacIntyre Pool of the club’s River Ness fishings is a long term favourite. But it really shone today with seven fish landed by early afternoon. First off the mark was James Buchanan with grilse of four and three pounds. Davie Dyce responded with three fish of 11, six and three pounds.

Chis Buce had fish of 10 and five pounds and, for good measure, a seven pounder from the west bank of the Mill Stream. The east side of the Mill Stream produced a four pound grilse for Derek Proctor on a small Devon minnow.The fish are 'bright and beautiful' as illustrated in this picture of one of the fish landed by Chris.

As evening drew in Tami Porter, fishing an Ally's Shrimp, landed a grilse of three pounds at the Little Isle.

Hats off to all!: A bright fish for Chris

Big loss for James

Kirkintilloch angler James Buchanan has had his fair share of fish from the River Ness as an associate member of Inverness Angling Club. But he was in tears today when he lost what he described as ‘the fish of a lifetime”.

Starting the day at the top of the Little Isle Pool with his favourite Toby lure, James hit a salmon on his first cast. He says: “It didn’t do much and felt fairly light, so I thought it was a grilse. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The fight started. I’d landed an 18 pounder last year and I knew that this fish was much bigger.”

The salmon fought all the way down the pool but sadly, after a 20 minute battle, came off at the start of the faster water - leaving a pretty miserable James. But he will definitely be looking for more big salmon. Some consolation came later in the day - a 12 pound salmon from the MacIntyre Pool.

Up on the Weir Pool, Jordon Grant got among the fish again with an eight pounder taken on a size 8 Cascade.

Donnie hooks four

One more catch has been reported from Tuesday - Kirkintilloch associate member James Buchanan caught and released a six pound grilse in the MacIntyre Pool.

Wednesday saw Donnie Urquhart hook and play four fish on the Weir Pool, retaining one at eight pounds, releasing one at seven pounds and losing two after good fights. All were attracted by a two inch Devon minnow. The weir also proved productive for John Sutherland who had a six pound grilse on the fly.

Chris Bruce paid a successful visit to the General's Well Pool, landing and releasing a grilse of four pounds. Meantime, just upstream on the MacIntyre Pool, Gavin Mackie retained a six pound fly-caught grilse.

Success: A Weir grilse for John

More to come….?

There was a lot of talk today of several fish being landed on the club water, but reports are awaited on some. Known catches so far are from James Robertson, with a fly-caught grilse of four pounds released at the Little Isle; a five pound grilse retained by Patrick Kerr on the MacIntyre, taken on a black and orange Devon; and another good result for Melvin Smith, with a seven pound grilse taken on the fly and released into the Weir Pool. Down on the Silver Wells, Davie Dyce caught and released a six pound grilse on the fly. The MacIntyre Pool produced another grilse, this time for Aiden MacDonald, fly-caught and retained.

Expert: Another Weir Pool catch fior Melvin

Mac for Mac: A MacIntyre grilse for Aiden

A simple system….!

It would appear that some members are unclear on the process of reporting catches and, if available, adding a picture of the fish. The process is a simple one designed to make it easy for anglers to report catches and for the club to meet requirements for catch reporting within 24 hours. The system has operated for four seasons (since 2017). It is set out in the rules contained within permits:

5.3 Every angler who catches a salmon or grilse must register their catch within 24 hours via the club web page at: or by text to 07702 889841 including the number of fish caught, individual weights in pounds and membership or visitor number.

Additionally, please include where the fish was caught, method used and whether the fish was retained or released.

Virtually everyone is able to utilise this system via a computer or mobile phone. The web site facility does require an e-mail address. If that is not available send a text. Some appear confused by the symbols at the end of the catch report form. Just select the symbol instructed, eg diamond, heart, star….then click send.

The option to include a picture is also simple. Click on ‘Choose a file’, select your picture, complete the form and send. Pictures are preferred in landscape form (if using a mobile phone, hold it horizontal). Before the picture is taken, anglers should remove their sunglasses. Baseball type hats should also be removed as they can darken the upper part of the face and render the picture unusable.

Finally, it is not up to club officials to complete catch reports based on a verbal telephone call or other verbal communication. The system is set up to be simple to complete and the reports are delivered automatically to officials. This includes the web site editor so that catches can be reported daily - including pictures of sparkling Ness salmon!

On the mark

Two of Inverness Angling Club’s more successful members were in the right place again today. On his first run through the Weir Pool, Kevin Elliott hooked, landed and released what he described as ‘a cracking five pound grilse’. Chris Bruce increased his tally with two grilse of four and seven pounds, both from the Little Isle and both released. The Weir Pool produced another during the day, this time to Alex Evans - a fly-caught grilse of 3.5 pounds, duly released. On beat four of the Braes, Andy Massari had a lively encounter with a big fish, which got off, before landing a seven pounder on his trusty 2.5 inch black and orange Devon.

Good grilse: For Kevin (above) and two for Chris (below)

Braes beauty: A fat fish for Andy

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