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The best months on the Ness are usually from June to September with spring fish - running through the Ness and Loch Ness to the rivers Moriston, Oich and Garry - most likely from February to May. Fresh, sea-liced salmon are often seen and caught on the very last day of the season. Anglers who fish IAC’s water regularly will have their favourite spots but all pools and streams will produce fish at the height of the season. And the mighty Loch Ness means that the river rarely suffers the results of drought; fishy water is there whatever the level.

The most popular spring pools are the Weir, fished from the right bank, and Mill Stream, fished from both banks. These pools will also fish well throughout the summer and autumn, along with the MacIntyre, General’s Well and Little Isle. The Silver Wells and Leaven Trees, below the Infirmary pedestrian bridge, and the Castle and Palace pools, just above the Ness Bridge, are also worth a cast. As autumn arrives, the Red Braes can be particularly productive.
The Mill Stream
Easy access

There is easy access to all pools from either side of the river. From the left (west) bank, car parks are available at the Little Isle (upstream from the Cathedral and Infirmary pedestrian bridge), opposite the Ness Islands bridge (General’s Well and Provan’s Pools) and at the Whin Park play area (MacIntyre, Mill Stream and Red Braes).

From the right (east) bank, along Island Bank Road (signposted Dores from the city centre) car parking is available at Bellfield Park, allowing anglers access to the Little Isle at the tail of the Ness Islands.  Parking at the Holm Mills Shopping Village gives access to the MacIntryre, Mill Stream, Weir and Red Braes. 

Visitors are welcome to the anglers’ huts at the Little Isle on the left bank and the Mill Stream on the right bank. Drop in for a chat and swap angling stories while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.  


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