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Crow crops cormorant

The Little Isle Pool of the River Ness is a favourite spot for a cast by IAC vice president Bill Byers. And he regularly joins fellow members there for a a close season chat. If he’s lucky, he spots a fish or two heading upstream, but his latest sighting was at bit unusual.

He spotted a cormorant - another regular visitor to the river this season - standing on the shingle drying its outstretched wings. One of the local crows appeared to take exception to this, approaching the cormorant from behind and giving him several nips in the tail. Eventually, the cormorant decided enough was enough and left.

My territory: Crow takes exception to cormorant’s visit

Special scene

Autumn is a very special time of the year, producing astounding displays of colour. And you don’t have to go far to enjoy them. This display can be found close to the centre of the City of Inverness, from the so-called Banana Bridge in the Ness Islands.Hopefully, this is part of the riverside that will remain unspoiled.

Striking: An islands scene

Club seeks new treasurer

Gordon Smith has made a huge contribution to the management and development of Inverness Angling Club over many years, holding the offices of secretary, president and - in a recent return to the committee - as treasurer. Club members owe him a huge vote of thanks for his remarkable period of service.

Now that he is stepping down, the club is seeking a volunteer for the position as treasurer - someone who is comfortable with figures, organised and who can devote a bit of time to the care and development of the club’s finances and services. As Covid-19 has forced many changes, the treasurer will be a highly valued member of the team - leading the introduction of more remote membership and financial arrangements. Volunteers should contact president Alex Elliott via the contact detail on membership cards.

Last day, remember returns

Inverness Angling Club members and visitors took to the attractive pools of the River Ness today in a bid to land a salmon or grilse on the last day of the season. No catch reports have been filed yet, but enthusiasts have up to midnight to nab that elusive fish.

Everyone who has fished the club water this year - members, associates and visitors - is reminded that they have to submit a catch return - including nil returns - by October 23 at the latest. This can be done by post, following the instructions on the returns card; placing the completed card in the sealed box in Graham’s tackle shop; or online via the club’s web site. Failure to submit a return in time will incur a penalty on 2021 permits.

Last day: Anglers seek a fish on the Little Isle

Reuben reaps reward

October the thirteenth turned out to be a lucky day for club member Reuben Lindsay. Fishing the Red Braes Pool near the top of the weir, he landed a cock salmon of seven pounds on a silver stoat fly. Along with the five pounder caught and released by Davie Dyce on the Braes yesterday, Reuben’s fish takes the total catch for the season so far to 140 salmon and grilse.

Netted: A nice one for Reuben

Leading lady passes on

It is with great sadness that we pass on the news of the sudden death of Mary Dyce, much loved matriarch of the well-known Inverness angling family. The widow of Jock Dyce, one of the best anglers and characters ever to grace the waters of the River Ness, Mary was an enthusiastic supporter of the club and its members.

Earlier this year she took great pride in ‘blessing the water’ on the opening day of the season. On behalf of all club members, we pass on our deepest sympathy to her extended family.

Much loved: Mary blesses the water at the opening of the 2020 season

with (left to right) membership secretary John Ralph, her son David and president Alex Elliott

Last chance for a fish

With the 2020 salmon season closing on Thursday night, there’s just four days left for River Ness anglers to catch that elusive fish. Anglers are an optimistic bunch and had anticipated a 2020 season which would produce a higher catch than the 73 salmon and grilse landed in 2019.

Clearly, nothing like the Covid-18 lockdown had been anticipated but anglers soon got going and the first fish of the season was landed on the Weir Pool on July 4 by associate member John Mallin. But it has been a difficult season and the total to date is 138 salmon and grilse. While an improvement on last season, the catch still falls short of what club members would normally expect.

A message from Italy

IAC associate members Luca Meozzi and friend Gino Pasquali were welcome visitors to the River Ness from Italy in September. Gino landed a five pound cock salmon on the MacIntyre Pool.
This week the guys sent a movie, with commentary in Italian, which indicates how much they enjoyed their visit. The message from Luca reads:
“I hope you are all well and thinking of doing something nice. I send you the link to see the movie of our trip where you too have been protagonists. A warm greeting. Luca and Gino."


First of the week

Things have been really quiet on the River Ness this week as weekend rain pushed up water levels. But some anglers persisted and, as the level fell, the first salmon of the week was landed from the MacIntyre Pool today. Once again the honour fell to Chris Bruce with a fish of nine pounds which was safely released to continue its spawning run.

Another for Chris: A fish in typical autumn colour

Deep fly delivers

Elgin visitor Alan Crook continued his Ness success today with an eight pound fish from the Little Isle Pool. He reports that the fish was caught on a large fly, fished deep, and safely released. The river remains quiet with no other catches reported so far.


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