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Quiet day

Just two salmon were landed from the IAC water today. Derek Proctor took to his favoured east bank of the Mill Stream this morning and landed a fresh seven pound salmon. It was taken on a 2.5 inch black and orange Devon minnow and safely returned. On the same pool, Chris Bruce had a six pounder, safely released.

Handle with care!

Salmon are precious creatures, especially so as the numbers running our rivers have fallen in recent years. IAC members are making a significant contribution to conservation in the Ness system by returning most of the fish they catch. Anglers are reminded that all salmon and grilse should be treated with extreme care, minimising handling by using a net at all times. This will ensure that all fish being returned have the best chance of survival to spawn and produce the next generation.

Fish on the fly

Things got a little busier on the club water of the River Ness today. Three fish were landed in the Weir Pool, all on the fly. Mel Smith had a grilse of five pounds which was retained. Duggie Dyce and John Sutherland each landed fish of eight pounds. Down on the MacIntyre Pool, Davie Dyce had two fly-caught grilse of four to five pounds, both of which were released.

Proud angler: Duggie Dyce with his fresh Ness salmon

Weir gives more

Following the catches - and losses - of Monday, strong winds made it difficult for anglers on Tuesday. While many members tried their best, just two fish was landed - James Buchanan’s reported catch and one just confirmed by Brian McBain, a seven pound grilse on fly caught and retained in the MacIntyre Pool.

In quieter weather today, the Weir Pool again gave up ‘silver tourists’. Best of the day was a 16lb salmon to the rod of Jordon Grant, caught on a Cascade tube fly and released. At the top of the pool, a piece of water often ignored in favour of the ‘hot spot’ on the second beat, David Inglis caught and retained a grilse of over four pounds on a silver and blue spot Toby. Said David: “It was a very soft take, no run and no fight, and hooked and landed in less than five minutes. I lost another of similar size 20 minutes later.”

Up on the Red Braes, Ally Henderson caught and released a grilse of four pounds.

Supeb: A big fish for Jordon

Nice grilse: First of season for David

Council thanked for banks cut

The grassy area around Inverness Angling Club’s Little Isle hut has been a source of negative comments for some time. While other areas along the banks of the River Ness have been trimmed by Highland Council teams, the long grass and weeds around the hut area remained something of an eyesore.

Members are particularly aware that the many visitors who pause at this area, on walks to the Ness Islands, must wonder why an area of such natural beauty is left so untidy. Under the terms of the lease of the fishings from Inverness Common Good Fund, the club is responsible for maintaining the river banks above the islands - and recently invested thousands of pounds in updating the equipment required. The banks downstream from that point are the responsibility of the council.

But credit is deserved when due, so anglers’ thanks go to the council as the area has now been tidied up. Hopefully, it will remain a credit to the city and a spot where anglers, locals and visitors can enjoy a very special environment.

Tidy: Anglers' gathering place at the Little Isle

Catches continue

Jim Buchanan, an associate member of Inverness Angling Club who hails from Kirkintilloch, was rewarded this morning for many hours on the river  - landing and retaining a five pound grilse at the Little Isle.

Nice one!: Grilse for James

Weir scores for three

Three club members were in the right place at the right time today. Fishing the worm at the Weir Pool, which has been the most productive spot so far this season, Paul Owen landed and retained a salmon of eight pounds.

Just before high tide, Donald Macpherson Jnr caught and released a six pound hen salmon at the top of the Weir Pool. Two others were caught and safely released within a couple of hours. Kevin Elliott was also on the mark, celebrating his birthday with a nice fish on the fly.

Perfect!: A salmon for Paul

Delighted: Donald increases his tally


Fly pouch found

A pouch of flies has been found in the Whin Park are alongside the River Ness. To claim it, the owner should call Tracy Stronach on 07788 958156 and name the flies it contains.


Two grilse from club water

Two salmon were reported from the club water of the River Ness today. Jordon Grant caught and released a five pound grilse from the east bank of the Red Braes. Down at the Little Isle Pool George Mackenzie, fishing a small tube fly, hooked and landed a 3.5lb grilse which was retained as it was bleeding badly.

Success for Geraldine

It was a red letter day for IAC member Geraldine Connah, a fairly recent recruit to fly fishing and to the club. Fishing the Little Isle Pool this morning, Geraldine caught and released a six pound grilse. The fish was attracted by a Tay fly, the Aurora Cascade.

Happy lady: Grilse for Geraldine

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